We are to seek & preserve the traditions, and spirit of the art and its founder, and we use every resource available to innovate, refine, and elevate what it means to be a martial arts dojo. We are here to evolve and maintain discipline with our own unique skill craft. Sensei Alex and Sensei Garrett started Aikido with Chief Instructor Kazuho Nishida of City Aikido of Los Angeles. Both Sensei Alex and Garrett are Veterans of the U.S. Military. Sensei Alex is an active In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training and competes regularly, he is Affiliated with Cosmic Training Center in Alhambra as well as School jiu-jitsu Arcadia. Sensei Myron was trained in Karate and thereafter transitioned to Aikido where he studied under Sensei Frank Duran, Sensei Myron found his way to City Aikido of Los Angeles and studied under the instruction of Chief Instructor Kazuho Nishida. The three students of Chief Instructor Nishida moved onward to create their own dojo located in Alhambra and established the Dojo of Maru Aikikai South in 2014 and were sponsored by Chief Instructor Christine Wong of Aikido of Santa Barbara and Chief Instructor Rob Hyatt of Tarzana. Maru Aikikai South Aikido is affiliated with United States Aikido Federation under the direction of Sensei Yoshimitsu Yamada, Shihan.



226 West Main Street Alhambra, California 91801 & 9 West Woodward Ave Alhambra California 91801

Telephone : (626) 863-7841      Email: maru.aikikai.south@gmail.com